Can You Spot The Animal Hiding In This Optical Illusion? Most People Can’t.

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Some people feel dizzy when they try to find the image. Closing your eyes and opening them again can help.

This is not your typical optical illusion. Artist Ilja Klemencov created a black and white zig-zag with a hidden image of an animal. When looked at from a 90 degree angle, or viewed from a distance, the image reveals an endangered species.

Klemencov’s illustration is titled, They can disappear. The trick-of-the-eye design was made a few years ago but recently gained momentum on social media again when it was posted on Reddit. The mirage was designed with the hope it will raise awareness of conservation efforts.

Ilja Klemencov

When you look at it from an angle, the logo of the World Wide Fund for Nature appears.

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Ilja Klemencov

It is estimated only about 1,800 pandas are living in the wild today.

Ilja Klemencov

Poaching, illegal logging, and encroachment are the three main threats these beautiful creatures face.

Ilja Klemencov

Next, it takes a team of devoted people to help release panda bears into the wild.

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