Baltimore School Chooses Meditation Instead Of Detention.

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The Robert W. Coleman Elementary School in Baltimore was stuck in a big conundrum.

On average, children spend most of their time in school, making memories, socializing, and learning about the world. Often times, kids will moan and groan and complain about going to class, but as adults, we understand the power of educating our children. The only problem is, school isn’t exactly a walk in the park for many kids. There’s teasing, bullying, and a strict code of conduct that, well, doesn't really make sense sometimes. Some “unruly” kids wind up spending a great deal of time stuck in detention over the silliest of things, which can range from forgetting a book to being "involved" in a physical altercation. Many folks believe this is an archaic disciplinary practice that is both unfair and illogical. Well, Robert W. Coleman Elementary School in Baltimore is setting the example with their very own holistic approach to how they discipline their kids.

Students weren’t following the rules, and sadly, physical violence was rampant among the community. The teachers were running out of ideas on how to approach the situation until two brothers came up with a genius plan.

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