Disney Conspiracy Theories That Actually Make A Lot Of Sense.

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The greatest thing about Disney movies is that no matter how old you get, the movies themselves never get old. Sure, you can watch them to conjure up some memories from your childhood and sing your favorite songs, but what we're talking about are the endless amount of adult-rated theories about the films. Many argue that Disney films are rife with inappropriate moments that go over kids' heads, and others say that the plot of the movies are downright conspiratorial.

The post below deals with the latter: The bonkers conspiracy theories that many fans have about Disney and Pixar films. You might already know that Genie made some dirty jokes in Aladdin, but you've probably never heard the one about how Aladdin is actually set in a post-apocalyptic future world, right?

Check out some of these entertaining theories below. Some of them will make you smile, and others...well, others are pretty damn creepy. #4 will really make you think.

"Frozen" director Jennifer Lee has said that the king and queen of Arendelle were on their way to a wedding when they were shipwrecked. In the movie, you can spot Rapunzel and Flynn, married. That would imply that Elsa's parents were shipwrecked on their way to Rapunzel's wedding!