This Wild Video Shows A Massive Whale Shark Rescued By A Tiny Diver.

Nature |


A diver just became a whale shark’s guardian angel. Most scientists prefer for people to refrain from disturbing the natural habitat of marine life. But in this situation, they may have just made an exception. A whale shark had a commercial fishing rope wrapped around it; digging and cutting into its body. It’s unclear how many years exactly this sea creature suffered from being restrained in the cable.

The swimmer noticed the distressed creature. He swam up to the shark to free him. Perhaps understanding the human’s intention, the whale shark remained still making the rescue last seconds.

This marine life lives around the Revillagigedo Islands, a set of archipelago 200 miles off the coast of Mexico. This hidden paradise is a migrating point and one of the world’s largest concentration of fish. Whale sharks can grow up to 31 feet and weigh around 20,000 pounds.

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