20 DIY Projects You Can Do With Wine Corks… #4 Is The Most Romantic Idea I’ve Ever Seen.


A wine cork backsplash behind your home bar.

Though it might seem relatively mundane, cork is actually quite an interesting material. It is basically indestructible, totally buoyant, and contains both elastic and fire retardant properties - and all of that comes from the bark of a tree. Eighty percent of the world's supply of cork comes from Portugal and Spain, where these trees can grow and flourish in the favorable climates. Cork's features make it the ultimate material for bottle stoppers, and wine corks make up about 60% of the world's cork production.

So what else can you do with a cork stopper that doesn't involved sealing a bottle of wine? Wine lovers often find themselves faced with dilemma, and usually end up throwing out the cork. However, that's not the best use of your old corks. In fact, you can use them to get crafty. Below, we've compiled 20 awesome DIY projects that involve the use of your old wine corks - I guess that means you better pop open the wine and start drinking.