20 Simple Decorating Projects That Will Transform Your Living Space.


Succulent Pod and Organizer Bookends

Are you looking for new ways to spice up some of your home decor? Are you trying to add some pizzazz on a budget?

We know home decor can be expensive, especially for those of you who have taste for exquisite looking things. But honestly who has the extra money to spend on decor when you need to worry about more important matters like rent, electricity, and other utilities.

That's why we've come up with a list of a few DIY projects that will help you save on splurges! They're all easy to make and super affordable. Choose one to complete on the next day you have some free time!

Bookends can be pricey. Why not make your own? Even better yet, attach mini cork boards and add cute little succulent plants into each of them. You can leave notes on the cork boards and a mini garden at the same time!

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