15 Halloween Treats That Are So Easy It’s Scary… But #8 Might Be Too Creepy.


Create these awesome Frankenstein marshmallow pops that kids will totally dig.

With Halloween just a few weeks away, it's time to start planning your costume, your decor, and your killer Halloween party - no pun intended. You don't have to break the bank to throw and epic, spooky soirée, especially if you've got a little extra time and a little elbow grease to spare.

Below are 15 awesome DIY Halloween party ideas, everything from edibles, wearables, and scare-ables. Check them out and see which ones might work for your upcoming Halloween party. #13 is totally disgusting - and totally brilliant.


Spook your guests while they sip their cocktails with these spider ice cubes.

Why have regular old cookies when you could have Dracula's dentures?


Old win bottles make excellent candy corn decorations.


Inspire someone's gag reflex with these DIY cockroach tights.

Fill your house with spiderwebs made from trash bags.


Turn a perfectly lovely watermelon into a perfectly Halloween-y brain.


These Barbie zombies are basically the most brilliant Halloween decoration we've ever seen.


Chocolate covered pretzels delicious, especially when they look like creepy witch fingers.


Make a cheesecloth ghost with just a few simple supplies.


Line your walkway with these fun DIY spirit milkjugs.

Lora Bridges

Take a kid's party to the next level with these "boo-nana" pops.


If you thought hot dogs couldn't look more unappetizing, we have just proven you wrong.

Pranks a gullible party guest with this cringeworthy head in a jar.


Make yourself and your guests a bowl of Jell-O worms.