23 Travel Inspired DIY Projects, #8 Will Fuel Your Wanderlust.

Add some flair to a world map by incorporating twinkle lights.

You might find yourself completely reliant on Google Maps now, but just a couple of short decades ago, people had to use actual maps to figure out where they were going. Anyone over the age of 20 might find this hard to believe, but it's true: Siri couldn't help you get anywhere in 1993, because Siri didn't even exist.

Now that fewer and fewer people are using paper maps to find their way, it's no surprise that an abundance of old maps are probably stacked up around people's houses or in thrift stores. Collectors can even purchase maps online for cheap prices. And, if you're crafty, you can use them to upcycle a lot of your household items.

Below, we've put together a list of 23 DIY map projects that will instantly upgrade your decoration game. Check out these cool ideas and start plotting out your route to DIY awesomeness.