27 Ways You Can Use Wooden Pallets To Transform Your Home.


Warm up your living space with a coffee table. Add hairpin legs for a modern look.

You can get more out of a wooden shipping pallet than a summer bonfire. I know. It sounds like a splinter disaster waiting to happen, but it doesn't have to be.

In a world where we are creating so much waste, we should learn to be as resourceful as possible. And it's the perfect time to start. The maker movement, which highlights the power and direct impact of being a DIYer, is in full effect.

Check out 25 DIY projects below that feature the wooden pallet. You'll be amazed at how they can be transformed into beautiful and functional pieces with a few tools and a lot of creativity.

Once you've done the proper research, including which project you'd like to try, which type of pallet you'd need (yes, there is more than one kind), and how to safely prepare it for upcycling, you can create something just as beautiful for little to no cost!


For a playful look, go for some colored table legs.

Mr. Kate

Greet your guests on your special day.

Wedding Chicks

Fashion your child's bedroom into a storybook dream.

Rianne Bakker

A desk like this is perfect for a tiny home.

A reclaimed wooden pallet 6-tier bookshelf is perfect for your reading room.

DIY and Crafts Ideas / Wood Junki

If you're feeling ambitious, you can build this cabin with 19 pallets. It'll take you about 40 hours.

1001 Pallets

You only need one pallet to make two of these adorable Christmas trees.

Eric Van Dyke / livelovelaughblog.net

If you're going for a minimalist look in the office, this just might work for you.

Glam Home Decor

Are you already a hobbyist? Put together some movable storage boxes for your supplies.

Glam Home Decor

Don't forget your best friend. You can easily customize a bed for them!

Glam Home Decor

If you live in an area with plenty of green, a wooden fence like this can go well with your surroundings.

Glam Home Decor

For that vintage charm, upcycle a pallet into a mini gate at the side of your house.

Glam Home Decor

This foldable outdoor bar is great for summer.

Stock Pallets

Your kids don't have to play pretend Lemonade Stand anymore. Build their dream today.


One college student made this movable table for $25.

imgur / mormantohandle

Creating a pallet garden is easy and beautiful!

Show some state pride if you must!

imgur / chipreagan14

Build a planter to set out on your balcony.

imgur / Thisusernameisspecial

This mirrored medicine cabinet will make your bathroom look like a chic boutique.


Create a shoe rack that'll handle your family's clutter like a pro.

You can even go smaller if you have an apartment.

Install a vertical pallet garden, indoors or outdoors!


Aren't wooden pallet walls marvelous? This studio also features a raised platform made from multiple pallets.

Julia Robbs

Lay out a zen pathway for your visitors.


Book lovers, this is the chair for you.

You saw this one coming. A wooden wine rack will add that rustic feel to your home. Great for unwinding at the end of your busy day.