10 Ways To Recreate The Spa-Experience At Home For Cheap.


Foot Soak

Everyone needs a day to relax and pamper themselves every once in a while. Unfortunately, a day at the spa can be pretty expensive.

And although all those massages, mud baths, and whatnot may sound appealing, what's better than a day of pampering yourself in the comfort of your own home? If it's a day of relaxation, why should you have to physically get dressed and leave your home? Why not start your day of relaxation right when you wake up?

Now before you start asking what exactly can you do at home to pamper yourself, we've already compiled a list below of various self-pampering ideas. Take a day off from your busy schedule for once and just sit back and relax with some do-it-yourself pampering.

If you're the type of person to do a lot of walking in your daily routine, a foot soak is necessary every once in awhile. Recreate this foot soak mix out of mouthwash, vinegar, and water.