25 DIY Planters Made From Things You’d Never Consider.


Have old books laying around that you don't use anymore? Cut holes into them to create a base to plant your plants!

Many people find gardening a very relaxing and therapeutic hobby. Unfortunately, not everyone has the time and energy to invest into an actual garden.

Most people like to keep a few indoor plants. If you choose the right plants, they make great decor in any room and are easy to care for. But of course when you have a gorgeous plant, you want a planter that matches it. You can go to the store and pickup one of those plain pots that practically everyone uses or you can be creative and create your own planters out of unconventional items.

If you think about it, you can turn just about anything into a planter just so long as it has a base and a compartment that can hold a certain amount of soil. The best part is choosing a unique item to turn into your planter. Check out some of the awesome DIY ideas we've collected for you below.

The result is gorgeous. Plus, succulents are really easy to grow.


If you've already got some dinosaur action figures in your household, try transforming them into super awesome planters!

Spray paint them gold and white for a finishing touch.


Make cool retro planters out of old floppy disks.

They'll bring you back to a nostalgia of simpler times. Seems like just yesterday.


Make a planter out of a tuna can. That's right, we said tuna can.

Spray paint them gold and add accessories to them to make them look like cute little animals. Great project for the kids.


Use mason jars as a base to recreate these crafty hanging planters.

All you need are wall hooks and twine or rope.


Recreate these adorable handmade clay houses for stand alone succulents!

Use oven-bake clay to create the pieces and then press clay into the edges to put it together.


Cut a milk carton into half and wrap it in linen.

It creates a simple and rustic look. Paint them to match your room.


Or if you want to take the super cutesy route, turn those milk cartons into animals!

A perfect project for kids as well!


Collect snail shells and use them as planters for cool individual tiny plants.

Never thought using snail shells come out so unique and pretty!


Jazz up whatever plain planters/pots you already have by creating cool origami looking covers made out of cardboard.

You have to admit this is a really cool idea.


Create a garden that'll fit right in your pocket! Use a an Altoid tin to plant several mini plants.


For small plants and/or succulents, try using some old kitchen materials like a muffin tin or ice cream dishes.

If you don't have extras, you can pick things like this up at thrift stores.


If you're trying to create a Moroccan vibe, look no further! Spice up some buckthorn barrels and ports of earthenware by dipping them into paint.


Turn old switch plate covers into desktop planters.

Connect four together to create a cube.


If you already have some plain terra cotta pots hanging around, try decorating them with lace to create intricate patterns onto the pots and a sophisticated look.


If you have recycled billboard banners hanging around, transform them into these unique planter pouches.

If you don't have such banners hanging around (we don't either), you can also use grocery totes!


Make a macrame hanger for your planters to give them a hanging effect!

You can make one for a super tiny one like this or a big one.


Don't throw away those paint cans after you're done painting! Repurpose them as planters.

Of course clean out all the inside paint the best you can.


Instead of organizing shoes in that vertical organizer, try organizing different plants inside them.

Each pouch is perfect for just the right amount of soil.


If you're a cork collector, try giving those corks some purpose by planting mini air plants inside them!

Just create a little hole on one of the ends of the cork.


Recreate these cool textured planters by attaching corks to ceramic pots.

Then choose a solid color to paint over the entire thing.


Repurpose an old chandelier you or a friend/family member no longer uses into a hanging planter.

And don't forget to paint your chandelier in a stand out color!


Make your very own custom set of marbleized planters using spray paint and water.

Choose whatever colors you want to mix with each other.


Turn ready made stones for a path into a concrete planter.

Nice curb appeal.


If you have a workspace/desk you no longer have use for, turn it into a garden.

Plant your favorite plants and flowers into all the drawers.