20 Car Owners Who Got Really Creative With Their Repairs.

No need for screws, nuts, and framing to keep your stereo in place when you can just keep it in with planks of wood.

Once you reach a certain age, the thought of owning your very own car seems exciting to you. You can picture yourself driving across the country, feeling true freedom for the first time. What most people don't realize, until they're in the midst of loan payments, is how much of a huge responsibility it is to take care of a vehicle. If you think about it, regular maintenance alone can get to be a bit pricey. Oil changes, tune-ups, and rotating your tires, are just a few of the things you have to make sure you keep up on, or you'll have a much bigger bill on your hands in the long run. Not to mention how expensive it gets when something really happens to your car, such as an accident. That's when the money really starts flying out of your wallet. When this happens, you better hope you have enough money saved, or you'll end up like the people in these pictures. These car owners took repairs into their own hands, and let's just say, they didn't do the greatest of jobs.