24 Simple Ideas For Amazing Terrariums… #6 Is So Unusual You’ll Love It.


Use magnetic metal tins as your base to create these mini terrariums that can be attached to the wall.

Indoor plants have become very popular and hip recently - especially succulents and cacti. For those of you who don't know, succulents are the flower looking cacti (usually comes in blue and green tones).

Normally when you purchase cacti or succulents, they each come in small individual pots. This looks fine when you only have one but sometimes one succulent is just not enough. The best way to do it is to purchase several individual succulents and then combine them into your own personal terrarium. You can consider the terrarium as your own little indoor garden. But don't buy the terrarium, create your own!

Take a look at some of the DIY projects below for inspiration to help get you started.


If you prefer the hanging look over the on a flat surface look, try recreating this beautiful hanging terrarium with an empty circular jar as your base.


For a more minimal look, try filling small glass ornaments with individual oversized flowers.


Use a glass teapot as your base! This couldn't be any cuter.


Combine a clear glass mason jar lid, Christmas ornament, and wine bottle cork to recreate this terrarium that you can use as a place holder at dinner parties.


If you want to be more creative, try using an old coffee plunger as your base.


A cake stand is a perfect container for a terrarium - just fill it up with soil and warm-toned flowers/plants to recreate this elegant look.


Attach picture frames together to create a mini greenhouse.


Want to add some character to your terrarium? Try adding dinosaur figures and colorful rocks to create a Jurassic Park theme.


Or if you want to go for a under the sea theme, try using costal succulents on top of beach sand.


To recreate this playful terrarium, use not only Lego characters but also Lego plants!

You can put them in a glass jar or these colorful 3d printed pots.


Use spice jars as a base to recreate these cute mini terrariums.

Paint the lids different colors if you make several.

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Another mini terrarium idea is to use votives as your base and wrap a veneer strip on the bottom.

You can find votives for 50 cent at your local craft store.


A candy jar is also the perfect container for a terrarium - just place soil and your favorite plants into the jar.


For a more girly look, use pink and peach hues for the flowers and add a marbled base for a finished look.


To recreate this look, fill an empty suspended teardrop with rocks and soil and then place several different succulents in after.


Use a tiny plant to create a terrarium necklace to keep on you at all times.


Repurpose soda bottles and simply put them on top of your pots.


If you want more of an outdoorsy cabin look to your terrarium, use neutral toned river rocks and a natural style arrangement.


Recreate this terrarium with a simple light bulb you can find hanging around your home.


Instead of using the conventional soil, try using different colored sand to recreate this look.


Recreate this glass globe terrarium by attaching dowel caps to the bottom of a glass bubble ball.


Create a terrarium solely out of cacti!

It'll look prettier than you think.


Spray paint an old candle lantern gold to create this lantern terrarium.

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