This Disfigured Former Bait Dog Has Inspired Millions With His Life Story.

They're Not Always Treated The Right Way

Since the beginning of civilization, humans and dogs have had a close connection. Dogs have an instinctive pack mentality, which makes them good companions and allows them to easily fit into the family dynamic. So it's not surprising that there are so many heartwarming stories about dogs. One dog, in particular, has a story to share that has pulled at the heartstrings and inspired people near and far. Keep reading to find out what this dog did, despite being abused for many years.

Even though humans and dogs have lived harmoniously for thousands of years, there are people out there who wish to exploit and abuse them. Dogfighting is one of the main ways that this is done. This illegal and inhumane bloodsport is held underground for money and sick entertainment. Not only are dogs badly abused, many are killed. Some of the victims of this "sport" are known as bait dogs, weaker dogs used to instigate the fighters. Most of the time bait dogs are thrown away, but occasionally, some of them live to tell the tale.