This Dog Café Has Puppies On The Menu… And It’s A Genius Idea!

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Imagine having a cup of joe while being surrounded by the cutest crew ever. You might be dreaming, or you just might be visiting The Dog Cafe in Los Angeles.

America's first dog cafe has recently opened up in Los Angeles. This isn't a cafe where you bring your own dog for a play date. Instead, it's a safe and accessible space for rescue dogs and potential owners to connect.

Shelters can be overcrowded, which triggers some rescues to react in unusual ways that can sometimes force visitors in the opposite direction. The Dog Cafe is a clean, open, and more comfortable environment for both parties. While pet adoption is a huge plus, it isn't the cafe's only goal.

According to the official site, the cafe is also meant to enable people to spend quality time with these loving animals without the commitment of adoption. Having a rough day or just love dogs? Stop by this snuggly spot!

The Dog Cafe