This Egg Experiment Shows How Leaving Your Dog In A Hot Car Can Kill Him.

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Someone recently decided to do an experiment on a hot day.

Once you become an owner of a dog, it's pretty hard to separate from him or her. A dog can easily become your best friend. With that said, many dog owners like to bring their dogs along with them on car trips to run errands. Although it may seem innocent, leaving a dog in a parked car on a hot day can be fatal.

Even if you're going into the store "for just a minute" and leave the windows cracked, a dog can suffer from heat exhaustion in a matter of minutes. A user on Reddit recently did an experiment and left an egg inside his parked car on a hot day. In just 15 minutes, the egg was cooked! Imagine what could happen to a dog in 15 minutes?

They left an egg in a pan inside a parked car to see what would happen to it.