25 Frighteningly Cute Halloween Costumes Your Dog Will Love.



Everyone's favorite part about Halloween is dressing up. As kids, we looked forward to the one day in the whole year we got to transform ourselves into anyone or anything that we wanted to be. The costume possibilities are endless.

You can be a superhero you look up to. You can be a character from your favorite book or film. You can be an animal, cartoon, a bottle of sriracha, a rock, literally anything. But why must we limit Halloween costumes to human beings?

Why not get our dogs into the Halloween spirit too? The best part: you get to choose what your dog will dress up as. And just like how it is for humans, the costume possibilities for our furry friends are also endless.

Add styrofoam to a green t-shirt to make a dinosaur costume. The bigger the dog, the more believable the costume!

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