25 Dogs That Are Afraid Of Completely Harmless Objects.


Someone was puppysitting and scared this little girl with a lawnmower.

When it all comes down to it animals have the same core emotions as humans. Just how we have feelings of love, hate, or fear so can animals. But of course not everyone is wired to feel exactly the same. Just like how each human has their own quirks, so do animals — especially dogs.

If you own a dog, you've probably already laughed a couple times during moments of discovering what your dog is afraid of. Most of the time it's usually something ridiculous such as a Roomba or a drizzle of rain. Check out some of the strangest (yet funniest) things some dogs are afraid of below.

Clever hiding spot. The lawn mower won't get her from there.


This pit bull fears walking into a room.

So as a solution, he walks into it backwards.

A dog and kitten afraid of the thunder together.

But are you sure the dog's afraid? He looks more excited.

"Hold me, I'm scared!"

Well, the face of the little one does say "like a boss."


The poor dog got scared on the drive home.

Look at the little boy comforting him. This is too precious.


The dog was scared of a lawn mower.

So she decided to blend in with the alpacas.


His dog is scared of his guitar.

So he took advantage of the opportunity by eating all his meals on the back of his guitar so his dog won't interrupt.


Her dog thinks this is the safest place when the vacuum is running.

She's the pack leader and needs to keep the little ones safe.


They harvested this giant zucchini and used the frightened corgis in the background for scale.

Love that look on the dog's face: "You think you've got problems?"


They bought this new giraffe toy for the pug.

That was probably a really bad idea.


A corgi that's easily scared.

And yes, that is a jumping wall climbing sheep toy.


"Please do not let this thing kill me."

But why is it funny to frighten an animal that loves you so much?

The dog was afraid of the cat.

So she decided to climb onto the corner of the sofa and refused to look at the cat afterwards.


This dog's afraid of the rain.

So when it's sprinkling outside, she still pretends that they're not at their destination yet.


The dog's horrified that it's her birthday.

It's ok, humans are just as horrified of birthdays.


We like to think of big dogs as gentle giants.

They're not as vicious as most people (or kittens) may think.


It appears someone's afraid to leave the carpet.

"I can't have my whole body in the lava!!!"


A husky that's afraid of Julia Roberts.

I guess he didn't enjoy the movie Pretty Woman.

His owner thinks she's a great driver.

The dog, however, seems to think otherwise.


"What the duck is going on here?!"

Is it just me, or does the duck look like it's wearing a man bun?


Pugs on pugs on pugs.

Hey, I'd be frightened too if I suddenly saw something that ugly.


"You said we were going to the park. Liar!!!"

"Why are you torturing me like this Mommy?!"


Roombas are an automatic NOPE for dogs.

As clearly demonstrated in this photo.


"Oh crap, it's a mouse!"

Now those are some great reflexive responses.


So.... she saw a mouse.

But the real question is, how did the dog get all the way up there?