Surefire Signs That Your Dog Misses You.

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It's obvious that dogs are extremely vocal animals, especially when the mailman is trying to do his job.

If you have a furry family member at home, then you should already know how loving they can be. But did you know that dogs are actually extremely emotional creatures? Just like humans, dogs can miss the people that they're closest to, and also like humans, they'll sometimes act out from frustration and sadness. If you're not sure if your dog misses you when you're gone, look for these sure signs of a lonely pup.

Even though they can be pretty annoying at times, dogs are vocal because they have something that they need to say. If your dog whines, howls, or barks when you get ready to leave the house, then they're blatantly telling you that they don't want you to leave them alone all day.

Jay Wennington / Unsplash