Watch These Dogs LOSE It When They’re Told 'We’re Going To The Park.’

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Every dog has their trigger word. For instance, your dog could be fast asleep, lounging by the window without a care in the world. Nothing could rouse that pup from their deep sleep -- except, of course, if you say the word "treat." Even if you whisper it, somehow their doggy ears pick it up and they rouse themselves from slumber, unable to contain their excitement.

It really makes us wonder if they're ever really asleep, or if they're just pretending until the next time you want to give them something special.

For these French bulldogs, the trigger word provokes a hilarious reaction -- but they're not as concerned with treats as they are trips to the dog park. When their owner catches their attention, they seem relatively calm (if not totally focused). But when he mentions the dog park, all bets are off. Their reactions will definitely bring a huge smile to your face.

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