His Mother Was Badly Injured… So He Did Something That Made My Heart Swell With Pride.

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We all know that female dogs would do just about anything to protect their pups - but what happens when the mother is the one that needs protecting? This golden retriever, Chili, was hit by a car on a New York City expressway - what her pup did next is just amazing.

After Chili was struck by a car, her leg was injured and she was unable to move. In order to protect his mother from further harm, her puppy circled her injured body and barked at anyone who came near, trying to keep Chili safe.

Eventually, authorities were able to step in and rescue the injured dog, but those crucial moments after Chili's accident were saved by the actions of her young, and that's pretty amazing. Both Chili and her pup are doing well, and will soon be returned to their owner.

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