30 Struggles Only Dog Owners Will Understand… #24 Gets Me Every Time.


When you take your dog out for a walk and always somehow manage to tangle it's leash with another dog's leash.

"Don't judge a person before you walk in their shoes."

You can't really understand the hardships a mother goes through unless you too have gone through nine months of mood swings and waking up in the middle of numerous nights to cries that won't stop. And you can't relate to the struggles of being a dog owner unless you also have a dog or two.

Sure, there's a good amount of people who would love to own a dog of their own but they don't know what they're really getting themselves into until they actually commit.

For those of you who are dog owners, you know exactly what hardships I'm talking about and will definitely relate to the struggles listed below.


When you accidentally leave paper lying around.


When they don't realize how big they are.


The moment you let him off the leash.

When the costs of grooming, neutering, spading, food, vet visits, and everything else add up.

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A suitable punishment.

When you're just about to fall asleep and all of a sudden hear a big fat rip.

Because you will find it in your carpet, on your clothes, in your bed, in your car, everywhere...


No privacy.


When they think human furniture is theirs.


Always having to monitor your dog's mouth to make sure he/she didn't eat something they aren't supposed to.

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They see you when you're eating, they know when you're awake.

When you already expect a symphony of barks once you hear the doorbell ring.

When you have a whole bunch of errands to run for the day but need to schedule it around having to get home to take your dog out.


When your dog goes a little over board on the kisses and ends up slobbering on your whole face.

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When you have eyes are on your food 24/7.

That split second before you leave the house and make contact with your dog's sad "do you have to leave?" eyes.


Lesson never learned.

The "no dog on the bed" rule never seems to work.

When your dog re-enters your home after being out in the rain creating paw prints all over your floors.


That panicky feeling you get when you suddenly realize you don't have a poop disposal bag while your dog is doing his thing.

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When you have to wake up every morning just to take your guy out in the freezing cold to do their business.

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When a shoe goes missing and you know just exactly who the culprit is.

When your dog panics and f's everything up because he/she thinks you're never coming back home.

When they act like it's the end of the world when it's bath time.


When they insist on having a car window down.

The struggle of cat and dog bonding.


When you have a greedy dog who steals all the other one's food.

"Him? No, he doesn't want a cookie. He says I can have two."

The classic "I want you to throw the toy but I don't want to give it to you."


And no matter how big they get, they think they're your baby.

And they always will be.