Tiny Kitten Thinks Dog’s Wagging Tail Is The BEST Toy Ever!

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A dog’s tail wagging says a lot about his state of mind. Depending on the direction the tail is wagging it can mean two totally different things; some wags mean the canine is happy and excited while the opposite direction can mean a warning, fear, and anxiety. For someone who does not know that particular pup, he or she can easily misinterpret the mood.

There is no doubt in this video about a chocolate lab’s temper. While he is anxiously waiting for his treat, his long tail cannot contain itself from the joy at what’s coming. The only problem is a three-month-old kitten who doesn’t know what to make of this tail business.

The little feline attacks and grabs the tail without any success. It seems that the tail is much stronger and faster than the tiny cat can handle. We just hope the kitten learns to understand that the dog's tail is not its enemy.

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