When You See What This Dog Can Do You’ll Be Blown Away… And You’ll Wish You Could Do It Too.

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When dancer Sandra Roth got her dog, Lizzy, she had something special in mind. In this video, Sandra and Lizzie perform together - you might find yourself having a hard time deciding who's the better dancer!


The level of synchronicity in timing from both of them is really impressive! Apparently, dog-dancing has become a relatively popular sport in Germany, and has been called the "fastest-growing dog sport" in the country. Dog-dancing not only shows the skills of the dogs and dancers, but also highlights the bond that they share.

Roth has been a dancer for over 20 years, but when she heard about dog-dancing, she was thrilled to incorporate Lizzy into her routines.

Lizzy has been learning tricks and freestyle moves since she was a puppy. But we've had many problems and she was not an easy dog, so our main focus for the first 3 years was on her social behavior and not on dog sports. [She] gets more and more confident and our relationship has improved a lot. She is also starting to enjoy the attention by the audience.

To see more amazing dog-dancing videos, visit Sandra Roth's YouTube channel.

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