15 Awesome Photos Of Dogs Riding On Trains That Will Make Your Wednesday Better.


This puppy princess is poised like an Egyptian sphynx aboard this subway.

You’ve heard of dogs resembling humans. Some have even joined the workforce and helped fight fires and sniff out dangers at airports. But have you ever wondered how these adorable pooches get around the city? Easy! They depend on public transportation just like the rest of us. To that end, we’re providing you with a list of some of the most gorgeous four-legged creatures you’ve ever seen riding on trains. So, if you’re having a really bad day, this collection of photos will cheer you right up.

She looks like the perfect model of a doggy statue we’d like to put outside of our home. Just look at how calm and collected she is. It’s like she doesn’t have a single care in the world and we’re envious.

reporterknight4 / Instagram

This is Beatty’s first commute into work, but she’s handling it like a boss.

We should all take a page from Beatty’s book and head to work as chilled as she is. She must be so popular with commuters. But we recommend you sit in a chair and not on the floor cause it’s so yucky.

dogsontrains / Twitter

She’s so tiny, but so determined to get home before train services shut down.

She’s a fluffy white cloud with a red bandana around her neck. But she’s a New Yorker, so it might explain why she’s giving you that face as if she’s asking with an attitude “Hey! What are you looking at?”

ale / Twitter

Take a very good look at this Chihuahua because this is the face of misery.

It looks as if the dog was being swallowed alive by their owner’s handbag. It’s pleading to everyone for help so it doesn’t get lost inside the baggy abyss. Poor thing. You just want to reach out and rescue it.

Lylla Younes / Twitter

This dog seems to have forgotten that he’s a dog and is dressing up like a human.

The weather can get quite chilly in London, which is why this pooch decided to wear his jumper and coat before walking aboard the subway. He looks so serious and so darn cute, too. We wish he was ours.

dogsontrains / Twitter

We have a feeling this dog is going to complain about the design of this train.

The seats weren’t built to accommodate this pooch. Just look at how adorable he is. He’s trying to sit like a human. If we’re being honest, this dog definitely deserves to have his own special throne.

Tom Corcoran / Twitter

It looks like this pooch is totally drained after a busy week and wants to sleep.

He’s also staring out the window and wondering how much longer it’s going to be to get there. He’s already envisioning himself eating and drinking and then laying on his doggy bed until tomorrow.

BorisNCo / Twitter

This black lab is called Mason, and he’s making people’s hearts melt.

This pooch knows that his gaze has the power to win subway riders over. But he doesn’t mind sitting on the train because he’s on a mission. He’s there to make everyone fall head over paws in love with him.

dogsontrains / Twitter

This dog just finished working a 90-hour work week and he’s so tapped out.

He’s exhausted and he could give two paws if another passenger gets upset that he’s taking up two seats. He’s worked very hard and he thinks he deserves this privilege, and we couldn’t agree more.

Kdakat / Instagram

You may have heard of doggy bags but you’ve never seen one quite like this one.

He’s so adorbs that he can even sport this blue bag on his body and still look amazing! Now this is how you put an IKEA bag to good use, don’t you think? We give this look two paws up!

Owen Stone / Twitter

Who needs a backpack on the subway when you can have this adorable bark pack?

He’s looking so chill as he rides comfortably behind his human daddy. Now, this is how you wait for the subway train. We kind of feel bad for the poor fools who have to stand and wait for 30 minutes.

Chrissie Mayr / Twitter

Imagine that you’re on a subway and then this adorable thing pops his head up.

This purse pooch is fantastic. It’s totally giving us that Paris Hilton pooch vibe! Best of all, the purse matches its fur, which is a huge fashion bonus. No wonder it looks so darn happy!

TheLastLinda / Twitter

This dog isn’t just ready for the subway ride, but he’s winter weather ready, too.

When you’re a four-legged pet who’s riding the subway with your human, you have to dress to impress. This doggy is wearing a warm jacket and little booties and is a huge hit on the L Train.

notorious_4_ever/ Instagram

Dog owners will tell you that to them, their pets are a lot like their children.

It shouldn’t come as much of a surprise that this subway rider is carrying her dog around in in a baby stroller. Dogs roaming around like human babies always puts a smile in our faces.

kitty_komplex / Twitter

When life gets you down, let puppy pics like this one cheer you right up.

Are you having a rough week? That’s okay because this pooch is riding in his owner’s backpack and he totally feels your pain. Not every day is going to be easy, but it definitely gets better.

samuelclemenslong / Instagram