This Dollhouse Is Worth $8.5 Million, When You Peek Inside You’ll Understand Why.

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It took 13 years to build the Astolat Dollhouse Castle.

The world’s most expensive dollhouse is about to go on tour. The Astolat Dollhouse Castle, estimated to be worth $8.5 million, is a miniature masterpiece designed by artist Elaine Diehl. It took 13 years to complete with craftsmen from around the world helping build the 29-room home. The structure weighs over 800 pounds but it's the interior design and furniture that makes this dollhouse expensive.

Over 10,000 pieces were bought or commissioned to add to the lavish house. Among them: a $7,000 baby grand piano, a $1,840 miniature portrait and even a 1949 Jeep Station Wagon valued at $3,300. The dollhouse will go on public display in New York for the first time to support Autism Speaks.