This Sneaky Raccoon Totally Understands Your Love Of Doughnuts.

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When hunger strikes, sometimes you'll go to desperate measures to satiate those cravings. That's exactly what this raccoon did at this Toronto donut shop, and luckily, someone caught it all on film.

Stealthily hanging from the ceiling, the furry bandit was caught in the act of stealing a delicious donut. In the video below, we see the sweet-toothed ninja hanging by his back legs from the ceiling above, stretching his paws out to get ahold of the goods.

“If he falls out of that hole it’s gonna hurt,” one of the onlookers says. Another is more encouraging, saying "Full commitment, full commitment. Go raccoon go." In the end, the raccoon is able to capture his bounty and slink back into the shadows -- this donut shop better figure out their ceiling situation before he decides to come back.


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