Creative Dad Turned Kid’s Doodles Into Disturbingly Realistic Anime Characters.

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The first character was given birth to on Christmas Day. This concept sketch was drawn up by Romain's older son. Not too soon after, Dad transformed the simplified monocular alien into a fleshed out one with defining muscles.

When kids show their parents their drawings for the first time, parents are usually overwhelmed with joy and pride that their kids are proud of something they've drawn. Usually such drawings are put up on the fridge. But not when your dad is an animator and artist.

Thomas Romain, instead, takes it to the next level by turning his son's doodles into professional-grade artwork. Romain's sons enjoy drawing up pictures of imaginary characters that both of them brainstorm and come up with. You can technically think of the sons' drawings as rough drafts before the father polishes them up as characters that can be in an actual anime.

Thomas in Tokyo

The next design was submitted by Romain's second son. He drew up a stick figure cyborg that Dad later transformed into an intricate cyborg who looked like he belonged in the space opera anime of the early 1980's.

Thomas in Tokyo

Deciding to switch up genres, Romain then drew up a multi-armed magic knight based off one of his oldest son's drawings. The magic knight wielded a blade of grimoire in each hand.

Thomas in Tokyo

Romain made a promise that the fourth character he transformed would be scarier. However, we're not sure if this steampunk doctor is all that scary. Nonetheless, the animation is superb.

Thomas in Tokyo

Here's the Dad himself in the middle of some illustrations! He currently resides in Tokyo, hence all of his anime inspired drawings. We're excited to see what new characters him and his sons come up with next.

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