The Photo Of This Orphaned Baby Kangaroo Hugging His Teddy Bear Is Going Viral, Now I Know Why.

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Deep in the heart of New South Wales lives the cutest little creature we've ever seen: An orphaned baby kangaroo. If the mere idea of that isn't cute enough, then consider the fact that this orphaned baby kangaroo has a teddy bear that he carries around with him. And, if your mind wasn't totally overwhelmed with cuteness by now, get ready: The orphaned baby kangaroo's name is Doodlebug.

Doodlebug is cared for by Gillian Abbot, whose photo of Doodlebug was recently posted to Twitter by her son Tim. As you can see from the photo, sometimes everyone needs a little comfort from a trusted friend. We're glad Doodlebug is getting the snuggles he needs.


Here's some adorable photos from the kangaroo sanctuary.

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