Dad Turns Son’s Drawings Into Reality, And The Results Are Disturbingly Funny.

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Dom's dad takes his son's creations and brings them to life with the use of digital art.

When it comes to a child’s drawing and painting, parents swear they have produced the next Picasso. The abstract and convoluted pieces kids make is only proof of their highly artistic skills. The fact that their sketches have more to do with motor skills developing than raw talent is a moot point.

To prove to the world that the next great artist is here, parents proudly post their offspring’s creation on social media. Getting a lot of likes from family and friends just adds to the conviction that this kid is a total prodigy.

Six-year-old Dom has over 13,000 Instagram followers and not everyone is related to him. His fans just love his sketches and doodles. His thingsihavedrawn account is filled with dinosaurs, fish, gnomes, spaceships, and other wildlife. And like a true artist, there is always a twist with his masterpieces with a little help from his dad.

Things I Have Drawn