Look What Doughboy From ‘Boyz N The Hood’ Is Doing Now.

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"Boyz N Da Hood" came out in 1991.

If you never watched Boyz N Da Hood, then you definitely did not grow up in the 90s. Regardless of what era you grew up in though, Boyz N Da Hood is a great film that everyone should watch. After all, it got nominated for two Academy Awards and was selected to be in the National Film Registry (just saying).

For those of you who did watch the movie — how many of you remember Doughboy? Obviously the adult Doughboy was played by Ice Cube, but we're talking about the kid version who was played by Baha Jackson. After his role, he kind of went MIA for awhile. The information on his current whereabouts have surfaced and you'll never guess what he does now.

It was an American teen hood drama film that was directed by John Singleton.

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