17 DIY Projects You Can Do With Driftwood, #13 Is The Best Mirror You’ll EVER See.


Driftwood art adds a lot of texture and interest to the walls of any room.

Walking along the beach, you might not even notice the pieces of driftwood that turn up around you. However, these inconspicuous gifts from mother nature can turn your home into something beautiful.

Below are 17 amazing examples of DIY driftwood art projects that anyone can do with a little time and effort. If you don't live near a beach, driftwood is readily available online, and it can be a great resource for some of your most creative projects. Check out the examples below for some inspiration.


This combination of feathers, dreamcatchers, and a piece of driftwood are gorgeous.


These dolls were carved out of piece of driftwood.


A driftwood and shell flower.


You can paint your driftwood to match the motif of your home.


You can also turn a piece of driftwood into a terrarium.


These are incredible stained glass driftwood sculptures.

Driftwood was used here to create an amazing 3D painting.

You can use a piece of driftwood as the base for a glass mobile.


We love this driftwood sconce and candle holder.


Turn driftwood into inspirational wall art.


This piece of driftwood was painted and turned into a pair of red lips.

Using shells and driftwood to upgrade a mirror is a great idea.


We like this simple mirror design as well.

Lisa Roy

As it turns out, pieces of driftwood are also handy in the bathroom.


This is a DIY driftwood bird mobile.


These driftwood faces are spooky and amazing.


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