Sneaky Bird Tricks A Family Of Meerkats Into Handing Over Their Lunch.

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The drongo bird is a master of deception. The feathery animal begins its devious plan by gaining other animal’s trust; letting them know when predators are close by. In this video, the drongo’s victim is a family of meerkats in the Kalahari Desert in Africa.

The meerkats begin to rely on the fork-tailed bird’s vocal alarm. While the meerkats run to hide, the bird swiftly flies in and takes their food. As soon as the bird’s act is discovered, it is ignored by its victims.

Since drongos depend on 23% of its daily food to come through deception it changes its tactics; the bird imitates the meerkats own alarm call. Their vocal trickery allows them to feed once again on the animals’ abandoned food. Scientists believe drongos can imitate around 51 alarm calls of other birds and mammals. Most of the time drongos’ intentions are noble until it begins to feel hungry, it begins to cry wolf.

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