This Drummer Has Found The Ultimate Solution To Treadmill Boredom.

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This is awesome to watch, and also confuses my brain. Have a look.


This is YouTube user bigZ Cymbals, and his description for the video is, "Running on a treadmill while playing drums. What could be more fun?"

Drumming is all about timing, so it makes sense that he tries to match his cadence with the timing of the song. However, that's easier said than done. One thing is for sure, he's getting one heck of a workout by drumming like that. As it turns out, there's a handful of benefits to challenging one's self in the way he is.

Drumming is actually very good for your health. Through all that activity, the rhythm and exercise can lower your blood pressure and stress levels. It can also boost your brain's hemispheric coordination, which means that both sides of your brain are achieving a higher level of brain wave synchronization—which means that you can easily enter a meditative state while drumming. The more challenging the drumming, the more concentration that is required, and the deeper the drummer goes into his/her meditative state. It's no wonder bigZ Cymbals thinks it's so much fun. Who'd have thought that banging on stuff with sticks could be so good for you?

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