This Tiny Girl Has Insane Drumming Skills. Watch Her In Action…

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It’s important to expose children to music. Studies have shown that kids who play an instrument improve their IQ scores, do better in math, and build a lifelong passion for music. Eduarda Henklein is not your ordinary six-year-old girl when it comes to this craft. The child is a musical prodigy when it comes to drumming.

Eduarda shows the skills of a percussionist who has been practising for decades. The little girl from Brazil has her own popular YouTube channel where she covers popular songs. In her latest video, Eduarda does her rendition of, “Chop Suey” from the metal band System of a Down.

Eduarda’s own parents are musicians so it may just be in the genes. The young drummer definitely has soul. You are going to love watching her facial expressions as she masters the instrument. Eduarda has only been playing drums for the last two years, we cannot wait to see where her skills will be at in a couple more years.


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