This 12-Year-Old Girl Learned To Dubstep By Watching YouTube, And She’s Flawless.

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People can learn just about anything online from mastering how to cook, become a history genius or for one girl, learn how to dance. What started as homework quickly turned into a passion for twelve-year-old Adilyn Malcolm aka Audacious Adi.

The pre-teen from Littleton, Colorado came across dubstep when she was researching online for a school report. Adi has never taken any dance lessons; she learned by watching YouTube videos, pausing them and emulating the steps. Adi is not limiting herself to one activity. “I am actually a motocross racer, but when I’m not on my bike, this is the next best thing,” explains Adi.

What's even more impressive is the fact this dance guru only started dubstep eight months ago. It's fair to say, Adi can pretty much accomplish whatever she puts her mind to. Watch her cool moves!

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