People Are Paying $4,200 A Day To Be Servants In A Scottish Castle.

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Here's the castle where people reenact all of their beloved scenes from the show.

We knew that plenty of Americans really love Downton Abbey, but we didn't realize exactly how much they loved the time period depicted on the show. According to the Daily Mail, Americans are paying as much as 3,000 pounds per day to experience Downton life in a castle in Edinburgh.

Guest learn to polish silver, cook, and bake for their masters -- just like the servants on the show. It's a package experience that tourists go crazy for, as long as they've got the coin to back it up. Who knew people would pay so much to pretend like they have so little?

This guy wanted to dress up and play butler, lugging guests' belongings to their room.

That's probably because his favorite Downton character is this guy, named Carson on the program.

Of course, not all guests what to be servants: They're given a choice of both the "upstairs" and "downstairs" experience.

Surprisingly, most people choose downstairs.

'It has been really popular," said general manager Lucy Scillitoe. "It's something that our American guests love to do because the Downton series has been popular worldwide but specifically within the North American market."

No matter what experience you choose, you can also always float between the two. In other words, this place offers the full Downton experience.

Would this be your idea of an amazing, although decidedly throwback, vacation?


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