Man Spots Bald Eagle In The Middle Of Highway And Saves Her Life.

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Dandon Miller was heading home over Memorial Day weekend when he noticed something odd.

The bald eagle is the ultimate bird of prey in the North American continent. Until 2007, it was also on the list of threatened and endangered species. In fact, the bald eagle nearly vanished from most of the United States a few decades ago. But now the species is no longer in need of protection. But apparently, some bald eagles still run into trouble from time to time, which is why it was so fortunate that one bird encountered a biker named Dandon Miller in Route 30 in Downingtown, Philadelphia, when she did. Otherwise, she might not have lived to tell the tale.

Something had caused traffic to slow down to a snail’s pace. But he didn’t know why. Then he saw something on the two-way highway and decided to pull his motorcycle over to the side of the road to take a look. That’s when he found her!