These Are The Best Easter Eggs You’re EVER Going To See…. And They’re Made From Actual Eggs.

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I love Easter. Among other reasons is a great opportunity to showcase my creativity. There is something about painting eggs that brings out the child in me. I can paint zig zags and polka dots with the best of them. I have realized over the years my skill has not evolved as the pattern seem to repeat themselves every year.

Barak Hardley is an artist who has taken the tradition of decorating eggs to a whole new level. The egg is truly his canvas. With surgical precision and a wild imagination, his creations are easily amongst the coolest I have ever seen.

Hardley who is also an actor and writer has appeared in shows like The Office, The Big Bang Theory and Hot in Cleveland. He draws his inspiration from characters in movies, tv shows pop culture icons. His finished work is so brilliant, I am waiting to see how he will outdo himself next year.


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