15 Awesome DIY Egg Carton Projects


Beautiful daffodils

Despite our best efforts to be a little more green and protect our planet, it can feel overwhelming to know what to do with discarded items. Do you throw out more garbage that will only continue to accumulate in our landfills or recycle that in and of itself still requires water and energy to break down recyclable items. The reality is it doesn't have to be complicated to keep an environmentally friendly home and community for that matter.

Upcycling may sound like a new catchphrase but has been around for quite a few decades and we have all been doing it in varying degrees in our lives. Remember using an old tire as a swing or in the 1930’s when food sacks were turned to dresses? Granted we may not have much need to repurpose old tires and the likelihood of not being laughed at wearing a food sack dress is remote.

However, one item bought in many households are eggs. The cardboard cartons they come in can be upcycled as well to serve a multitude of uses in the home. Just think what others items we use in our lives can be upcycled.

It is this small step that will eventually make huge difference in making the world a little cleaner for future generations.

The middle part of the flower is the actual hollow part of the carton turned upside down. Paint with acrylic paints to the desired color.