24 Easter Eggs Hidden In Tarantino Movies You've Never Noticed Before.

Waiter Karma

Pulp Fiction, Reservoir Dogs, From Dusk Till Dawn. What do these three titles mean to you? If they don't mean anything at all, then that means you have some movies to catch up on. These three movies some of the greatest films from one of the greatest directors of all time: Quentin Tarantino. This unique director is well-known for his strange plots and iconic cast members, but there's more to Tarantino than meets the eye. Keep reading to discover some of the hidden Easter eggs that Tarantino hides throughout many of his films.

In the movie Reservoir Dogs, Mr. Pink, who was played by Steve Buscemi, complains about tipping waitresses during the breakfast scene. In a strange twist of fate, Buscemi played a grumpy waiter dressed like Buddy Holly at Jack Rabbit Slims in the movie Pulp Fiction. Karma sure does come around, doesn't it?