Watch This Blind 5th Grader's Reaction When He See His Mother For 1st Time.

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When Christopher told his mom Marquita Hackley she was pretty, it was the best compliment she ever received. The 12-year-old was born with optic nerve hypoplasia, which means his optic nerve did not fully develop in utero. Christopher who is legally blind can only see something when it is close to his face.

Technology has given new hope to change the life of the 5th grader. eSight is a headset with a camera, sending live, and a clear video feed to the user. When Christopher put on the glasses, he was able to see his mom instantly.

Although for Hackley the compliment was not the most important part of the experience. “Aside from pretty, just the fact he could even see me meant the whole world to me,” explains Hackley. The eSight costs $15,000 and is not covered by insurance, Hackley hopes to raise enough money to buy her son the device.


If you are interested in helping Christopher, you can visit this website.

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