What This Woman Can Do With Elephants Is Unbelievable... They Call Her The 'Elephant Whisperer.'

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As the video begins, it asks the question, "What if your best friend was an elephant?" While most of us could only dream of having such an awesome companion, a Thai woman named Lek gets to experience it firsthand.

She's called the Elephant Whisperer of Chiang Mai, and she spends her days with an elephant she's known since she was young. According to Lek, being with the elephants means being at peace. Oddly enough, the elephants seem to be calm and comfortable in her presence as well. Check out the incredible video below for more of the Elephant Whisperer's story.

If such a thing as elephant-envy exists, then we totally have it after watching this video. The film is part of Story and Heart's Storytelling Parade contest, which is focused on filmmakers telling unique and incredible stories across the globe.

Next, Lek sings a lullaby to a baby elephant.

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