This Gang Of Elk Caused The Most Intimidating Traffic Jam You’ll Ever See.

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Getting stuck in traffic can often feel like the lowest depth of misery, but when the traffic is a herd of magnificent elk, it's definitely a little more tolerable.

Someone in Fort Garland, Colorado caught this incredible traffic jam, caused by what appear to be hundreds of elk, on tape. They weren't your average slow-moving vehicles, either: These elk are rushing down the road in a serious hurry.

The sight of animals like this isn't uncommon in Colorado, but as you'll see from the video, it's definitely an incredible sight to behold. If nothing else, this footage will make your morning commute seem pretty damn boring.

River of elk

It's a Colorado traffic jam on Hwy 159 near Fort Garland! It looks like a river of elk! #ColoradoLivingVideo by Stephanie

Posted by KOAA 5 on Monday, November 23, 2015


Here's the most insane traffic jam ever.

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