This Rescued Baby Elephant Is Pulling Though… Thanks To A Very Special Dog.

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An elephant and a dog begin a life-changing friendship at a rhino orphanage in South Africa. Now, that's not a story you hear every day!

Ellie is a baby elephant that was brought to the Thula Thula Rhino Orphanage, where a dedicated team rehabilitates wounded and orphan rhinos back into the wild.

Prior to his rescue, the calf was repeatedly rejected by his own herd. He also suffers from a number of health issues including an umbilical hernia and abscess. The area was so infected that he wasn't expected to survive for very long.

Although he was receiving around the clock care at the refuge, he was showing little progress, refusing any type of milk that was given to him. Eventually, his physical health began to improve -- thanks to his determined caretakers -- but his emotional health was another story.

Then something amazing happened! Former service and sniffer dog, Duma, was introduced to the young elephant in the sand pit, and the two have struck up something pretty special. Catch a glimpse of their heartfelt interactions below.


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