Photos Of Shelter Dogs Captured SECONDS After Being Adopted.

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This dog seems to be telling its human "thank you."

Dogs love being the companion to their two-legged friends. Research has shown that people who have pets tend to be healthier and live longer. It's a benefit for both. Still there are thousands of canines who anxiously await to be adopted into their forever family.

Unfortunately, many wait anxiously to be chosen as they see their furry friends picked over them. Volunteers in animal shelters see how a pup that is depressed and alone will automatically be joyous and excited when they realize they are going to their new home. Take a look at photos of happy dogs right after they are adopted.

These two seem extremely happy to have found each other. The bull terrier got an Instagram shout out by its human with the caption "Welcome to the family Rodrigo."

rodrigo_bully / Instagram