He Uses A Hilariously Effective Trick To ‘Catch’ An Emu. I'd LOVE To Try This.

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Emus are some of Mother Nature's most curious creatures. Native to Australia, scientists have proven that emus have been roaming for the last 80 million years - and haven't evolved much, either! In fact, emus are said to have even walked with the dinosaurs (they were probably lunch for some dinosaurs, too).

Though this hilarious video might seem like a silly stunt, what you are actually witnessing might be a a classic example of ancient emu behavior. You won't believe what you see!


Isn't it amazing how curious they are? According to Aboriginal folklore, their penchant for investigating unusual human occurrences dates back to when the first Aborigines wanted to get up close and personal to the emu (and eventually, eat one for dinner): Someone would play on his back and kick his legs in the air and wait for the emus to check him out. Then, another would jump out from the bushes and capture it!

Of course, the emus in this video didn't suffer such a sudden, violent fate. Instead, they went back to their emu lives, preparing for the next time they could do something to make the Internet giggle.

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