Tear-Jerking Reunion After 22 Years Proves That Artists Have The BEST Break-Ups.

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When two artists come together, united by the passion of their craft, the end result can be passionate, thought-provoking work that only years of intimacy can create. Serbian performance artist Marina Abramović worked with Ulay for over a decade and in that time, put forth several pieces that showcased their working and personal relationship. In 1988, the couple decided to part ways and in doing do, disconnected both their personal and professional bonds. To mark the occasion, the couple walked towards each other from opposite ends of the Great Wall of China and meeting in the middle to say one last goodbye.

Fast forward 22 years to 2010, where Marina Abramović was showing her latest piece The Artist is Present at the Museum of Metropolitan Art in which she sat opposite strangers and shared a moment of silence. There was a line up of people waiting to take part in her latest project. One of these guests, without Abramović’s knowledge, was Ulay. The moment that follows is profoundly moving and heartfelt, and arguably her best work.


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