A Homeless Man Gets Help From People On The Internet. Best Story Of 2014!

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Back in March, magician prankster Rahat wanted to give a homeless man, named Eric, money. But instead of giving him the money, Rahat wanted to make Eric feel that he had won it, so he gave him a lottery ticket. The lottery ticket was fake, but Rahat had it set up so that the store cashier would give Eric $1,000. Eric’s reaction was so heartwarming that the world fell in love with him. You can see the video here. Shortly after, Eric secured a job at 7-11. In the meantime, Rahat set up a fundraiser for Eric and in 17 days it raised $17,000. Watch what happens when he shows Eric what he did with the money!


Eric's story is one of the best stories of 2014. It all started as an idea that Rahat had and look at what happened as a result. What a happy ending! I bet Rahat was not expecting this to turn out the way it did. If Eric's story inspires you, share it with your friends and family.

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