This Guy Sees Beauty In Everything…Which Is Why He Can Do THIS With Everyday Objects.

Just about anything can be used to create art. Domenic Bahman uses everyday, unassuming items found anywhere in the home. Living in Canberra, Australia the art director uses his creations for campaigns, magazines, websites and even apps.

Born in Germany, Bahman graduated from the Technical Secondary School for Design from Munich.

Bahman’s work is not limited to visual contents but also photography and illustrations. The multi-talented artist admits he is “always looking for new ways to see the world."

The photos below are cheeky but on the same token ingenious. Some noteworthy pieces include Post-it notes and pencils used to create a sailboat and an electrical reimagined as as an elephant. His irony is ever-present with a red and yellow pepper representing the infamous golden arches from the fast food chain McDonald's.

Fans of Bahman’s work can purchase t-shirts, iPhone and iPad cases, tote bags, pillows, curtains and even prints. You can follow him and shop on his website.